How to identify the HPV in men

How to identify the HPV in men

How to identify the HPV in men

Popularly known as genital warts , HPV is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by papillomavirus - group of viruses that includes more than one hundred different types. The infection takes place through sexual contact, but there are cases where transmission from mother to the fetus occurs and through the sharing of personal items that can serve as a haven for the virus. For men, due to anatomical features of their genitals, the perception of the infection is most noticeable. Thus, umComo this article you will find tips to identify the HPV virus in men . It is important to note that HPV is directly related to the diagnosis of cervical cancer and cancer of the anus. But not everyone infected develop any type of cancer.

  • Contamination

    Also known as cockscomb, condyloma, fig and crest horse, the HPV virus affects both men and women. Infection with the HPV virus in man generally gives the appearance of warts of various sizes in the penis (being more susceptible to the head, or glans) and anus. But the lesions may appear also in the mouth and throat.

    However, the naked eye is difficult to know who has and who does not have the virus. Since there who does not present any obvious signs. However, can infect their sexual partners yet.
    There is no specific test that assists in the identification of infected men. Soon, some tests can help in this quest, such as:
    • Peniscopy - examination done to identify the HPV lesions on the penis
    • Urestrocopia - examination of the urethra
    • Genistocopia - examination that evaluates the entire genital area: scrotum and urethra, for example.
    • Oroscopy - examination of the oral cavity
    • Anoscopy or retoscopia - examination of the perianal region, anal and rectal

  • Treatment

    Although not be a 100% effective, HPV can be treated with an own ointment. If warts are small, they will disappear on their own. Some infections with the virus should be treated by cauterization or laser. Left to the discretion of the urologist or dermatologist the preferred method.

    Due to lack of methods 100% effective, the virus lies dormant in your body and can reappear years after the first treatment, when your immune system is low, for example.
    Currently, much is heard about the vaccination against HPV virus in women. But men are also offered such a vaccine, Gardasil. It is indicated for people still do not contamidas up to 26 years.

  • Prevention

    The use of condoms is the most effective method in preventing HPV and other sexually transmitted diseases. However, the viruses can also be transmitted through oral and anal sex. Therefore, it is important not to forget to perform routine tests for early diagnosis of the disease and so that you may make sure that you are not infected.

    However, as the scrotum is not protected by a condom, it is essential to opt for abstinence whenever there is suspicion of infection of sexual partners and until they find a specific treatment for the area.
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