Yeast infection home remedy : Home remedies for yeast infection

Yeast infection home remedy : Home remedies for yeast infection 

http://howtogetridofyeastinfection.1tips.top Very common among women, particularly during pregnancy, Candida vaginal infection is generated by the development of the fungus Candida albicans, which is part of the normal flora of the vagina. Among the main causes, we find the overuse of antibiotics, diabetes, poor hygiene and, as we mentioned earlier, pregnancy. This is because these factors facilitate growth of fungi due to weakening of the immune system.

Among the main symptoms, we found white coloring landslide - similar to buttermilk -, intense itching and burning sensation in the intimate area, pain and burning sensation during intercourse, as well as swelling and redness in the area. When symptoms occur, you should see a doctor to make the diagnosis. During infection, sexual intercourse should be done with condoms, because the fungus, while not causing symptoms in humans, can be transmitted, and then retransmitted to the woman.

It is necessary that, to prevent recurrence of the problem, the inner region is always well washed and dried, the clothes intimate cotton and are not too tight. Furthermore, it is also important to give preference to the intake of food and lactobacillus probiotics, such as yogurt and not using hygiene products with chemicals.

Home treatment
Natural yogurt
One of the treatments can be done, including during pregnancy, with the yogurt. For this, use a needleless syringe, yogurt and absorbent. The yogurt should be inserted into the vagina with the aid of the syringe twice daily for three days. The absorbent must be used to prevent the panties becomes wet.

Also, you can dip the tampon in yogurt and insert into the vagina, leaving it to act for approximately three hours. This will cause the acidity decreased, also reducing the growth of bacteria.

Vinegar has the same pH of the vagina, and therefore can be used to reduce the acidity to aid in the proliferation of fungi. Use 500 ml of warm water and 4 tablespoons of vinegar. Mix both ingredients and place in a bowl. Wash the intimate area under running water and then stay in a double basin for 15 or 20 minutes. Ideally repeat the procedure two or three times a day.

In addition to these medications, you can consume some foods such as garlic and onions, which are antifungal and antibacterial natural, aloe vera, apple, dandelion dandelion tea and nail-de-cat.

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