How To Get Rid Of A Yeast infection

How To Get Rid Of A Yeast infection


Candidiasis, or thrush, is the name we give to fungal infection (ringworm) caused by species of the fungus Candida. The most common form of candidiasis is the vaginal infection called vaginal thrush or candida vulvovaginitis.

Infections with this fungus, but are not restricted to the female genital area and can also be involvement of other areas, such as skin, mouth, esophagus, urinary tract and penis, just to get in some instances.

There are several species of Candida and many of them are capable of causing ringworm frames in humans. However, most of the time that the patient developed an infection by the Candida fungus, the responsible species is Candida albicans.

Candidiasis does not usually cause severe cases in healthy people and healthy immune system. In these, candidiasis of skin, mouth or vagina are the most common forms. However, in elderly patients with serious illnesses or immunocompromised individuals, the fungus Candida can reach internal organs and cause widespread and severe infection, called disseminated candidiasis or invasive candidiasis.

This article is a summary of the most common forms of candidiasis. For more details about some specific infections caused by Candida, such as oral thrush, vaginal or penile, follow the links available throughout the text.


As stated above, the most common species of the yeast Candida is Candida albicans, considered a member of the normal gastrointestinal flora of humans. Most people are colonized by Candida and has no symptoms. However, any imbalance in the local flora and immune status of the patient can take this fungus to proliferate and invade tissues, thus causing candidiasis disease. Therefore, having to have different Candida is Candida. Up to 80% of healthy people have the fungus Candida in the oral cavity or in the gastrointestinal tract without representing any danger.

We can conclude, therefore, that Candida albicans is an opportunistic germ, that is, she lives quietly in our bodies for years, just waiting for an imbalance in our defense system to attack us.

To reinforce the concept, we can compare, for example, colonization of the mouth with the Candida colonization by bacteria of the skin. Everyone can understand the fact that we have millions and millions of bacteria on our skin does not mean that we have any skin disease. The same happens with Candida. To have the disease do not just take the germs, it is necessary that they are attacking our body.


Candidiasis not only occurs in people with weak immune systems. Other factors can lead to the appearance of this mycosis. A classic example is the use of antibiotics for prolonged periods. Antibiotics kill bacteria, but save the fungi. Thus, it reduces competition for food and space, making the life of fungi colonizing organism.

The oral candidiasis or thrush known as oral candidiasis may also occur in people without diseases of the immune system, especially in small children. Note that in this case, candidiasis is restricted and causes few symptoms.

When oral candidiasis is more severe, this leads us to think in a state of immunosuppression (weakened immunity).

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